Bad Credit Repair Secrets You Can’t Live Without

If you or someone you know is plagued with bad credit, chances are that any “I want to…” is followed by a “I can’t, because I have bad credit.” Any goals or financial objectives a bad credit sufferer may seem virtually impossible. Further compounding problems, the likelihood of finding a cosigner that is ready, willing, […]

10 Cities With The Worst Credit Scores

Below are the top 10 cities with the worst credit scores in the United States.  No matter where you live, you CAN take control of your credit situation.  BOOST your credit scores 100+ points in 30 to 60 days.  Read below for more information! 10.) El Paso, TX: Average Credit Score = 710; Unemployment Rate […]

Sneaky Electronic Program Helps Credit Bureaus Verify Information Faster – But Not More Accurately

The three big credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) have thirty days by law (forty five if you use an online credit report service like or to verify information in the event that a consumer disputes the information contained in his or her credit file. Imagine you’re a credit bureau. You handle many […]

Credit Bureaus Won’t Cooperate? Go Over Their Heads!

Have you ever tried to deal with the three big consumer reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) and it led to more frustration than before you sent your letter or called? Perhaps you’ve asked a question about an item on your credit report & got nowhere. Perhaps you’re a victim of identity theft, and one […]

Insurance and Bad Credit – What You Can Do to Save Some Cash

No doubt it’s hard as hell to get things done when you have bad credit. It seems like the door of opportunity constantly slams shut in your face every time you need to accomplish something – ANYTHING that involves money, for that matter. Out of life’s many necessary purchases, insurance tops that list. From auto, […]

Credit and Debt Counseling Services: Dangerous and Expensive

FIRST AND FOREMOST, NO ONE SHOULD be a fan of those ‘counseling service’ credit repair companies you see on TV and hear about on the radio.  For starters, one must do their due diligence before selecting one, as there are many fraudsters just waiting to steal your identity.  As far as the legitimate credit repair […]

Credit Report Repair Is Easy! You Can Do It Yourself!

DID YOU KNOW that in the United States, 93% of all personal credit reports contain at least one error?  Depending on what that error is, there could be millions of individuals paying higher interest and deposits for the loans, auto loans, mortgages, gas/electric, insurance they do have access to.  It would be a real eye-opener […]


This blog is intended to empower others by delivering information and sharing ideas about all things credit repair, and credit-related. One does not have to dwell for years on end suffering with negative scores, getting denied goods and services like loans, insurance, jobs, utilities (like gas/electric & phone service), etc. All one needs is a […]